BSKids Ride

BSKids Ride just doesn’t really tell the story very well. BSKids sling mud and go fast and scream and holler and grin and giggle and all want to do it again get us closer. We had a blast at Rocky Ridge Ranch this Saturday. The day was cool and partly cloudy, but it had rained the day before. The pretty colors of two weeks ago are almost all gone now, replaced by lots of browns and tans black gumbo mud colored goo.


Blake brought his granddaughter Patience and we picked up my daughter #1 Sabrina and her two kids Sam & Alexis at their crib in Krum. That was it, no one else decided to play. I am kinda beginning to believe some folks I know have grown right out of the kid in them. Man are we ever glad I haven’t because the kids that did come out really had a great time. Blake followed us in his little turbocharged go-kart Solstice with Patience. I offered to let him park it up at the ranch house so he wouldn’t have to drive into the ranch, but he wanted to play so here we went do into the bottomlands.

Into the bottomlands!

Into the bottomlands!

We found a nice dry place to unload right by the lake, on a main trail that everyone uses so we got to see a lot of different kinds of bikes, buggies riding by.  Several families were camping and a new crew pulled up next to us in a brand new toy hauler camper. It was 33 feet long and has a nice camper trailer in front and a garage in back. We all started guessing what kind of toys would be in the back. When they finally pressed the button and lowered the ramp on the side of the trailer I won the bet guessing it would be a double decker with quad quads in it! They unloaded all the toys just in time for Sam to come shooting around the corner way to fast to make the corner. It seems he finally found third gear on the Honda CR70. Any way it looked like he was going to shoot right up their ramp and I had the picture of a Hollywood stunt man busting right out the back door of the trailer, but at the last second he put both feet down to brake like Fred Flintstone and swerved between the ramp and the truck. The people at the other trailer were cheering for him, or maybe it wasn’t cheering?

Sam went this way.

Patience helped cook my world famous Sloppy Jose’ for lunch. It’s a great one pan dish that everyone seemed to enjoy. Instead of a Sloppy Joe you use flour tortillas and say it with your worst Mexican accent – Sloppy Jose’

Patience cooks Sloppy Jose'

Turned out Patience and Alexis are both 11 and both liked to go fast in the go-kart. They figured out if they got going fast enough and hit the mud puddle just right they could spin out, gas it and do their version of drifting. Sometimes it worked and sometimes they got stuck in said mud puddle.

Go Girls

They headed out one time with Alexis forgetting her goggles. Sabrina grabbed them for her and as they made a low level fly by she passed the goggles without them even slowing down. Blake caught the moment perfectly. Check the look on Sabrinas, shoot on all of their faces.

Come in for for goggle hand off.

The big goggles hand off.

We were denied another Kodak moment when Sam rolled the go-kart. I saw the huge cloud of blue smoke and started heading that way. I could see two go-kart tires sticking up in the air and Sam still belted into laying on his left side. I was just getting the camera out of my pocket when another closer guy came up and righted the go-kart. I hollered “Oh Man, couldn’t you have waited until I got the picture before he rolled him over?” and the guy goes “You want me to flip him back over?” Its moments like that when I realize this old world rocks. Sam was OK but he knocked the left rear tire off the rim.

Crew Chief to the rescue!

Sabrina loves to ride and has ridden since she was a young teenager out at the Grandparents cabin in East Texas. She rides very well, Granddad having taught her to ride in the East Texas sand.

Sabrina Rides!

Team Work!

Patience pushes Alexis out of the mud.

Hey Sam what happened?

Alexis holds on for life.

It was well after dark before we loaded up. Lots of campers had campfires and the woods smelled of smoky oak. It was a beautiful evening after a really fun day. I hope more of y’all will join us next time.

Quarters at the car wash to clean it all up – 48

BSKids Ride – Priceless

The Aftermath


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