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Lake Murray 10OCT09 001

BSRacing headed up to Lake Murray ORV Area today for a little ride. Just south of Ardmore, America! It has rained buckets here in North Texas this week, but Lake Murray is almost all sand, and drains pretty well. Or at least that is what Brother John told us.

The day was supposed to be “abundant sunshine” according to the National Weather Service. You know they spend billions of our tax dollars for weather observation and prediction and don’t have a clue when it gets right down to it. It turned out to be heavy overcast all day, but no wind and cool temperatures made for some very nice riding. Brother John has spent billions of miles on dirt bikes and his observation and prediction wasn’t much better! Sorry brother dear. In his defense, he was smart enough to pass on the ride saying it was to wet.

Lake Murray 10OCT09 004

The place was saturated, totally. Gigantonourmous bottomless pits of red slush just waiting for the lost 2-wheeler to slip into the bottomless obis of muck and doom. We had a blast! When we got out into the sand it was near perfect, just wet sand that you could squirt with the twist of the throttle. You don’t want to ride to close to the guy in front of you or you will be wearing their rooster tail in your lap. But then you found yourself in stuff that had more clay that sand and it was like a slip-n-slide on premium fuel. I was behind Blake when all of a sudden his back tire started spinning, he was crossed up 30 degrees or more to the trail and he stayed in the throttle kept his feet on the pegs and pressed on until high ground. It was a beautiful piece of riding there buddy. It was also soon after that I realized I had to ride thru it too, and he had stirred it all up real nice and gooey. I must have looked a big muddy duck just paddling thru the stuff, but I made it thru upright. I really didn’t want to fall into that stuff.

Lake Murray 10OCT09 005

We were riding down this one trail, me in the lead, and all of a sudden my front tire just washed out in really loose sand and I started to fall over to the right. You know how some things like that seem to happen in slow motion, well that is what this was like. I wasn’t going fast at all and was just sort of falling over and all was OK until I looked where I was going to land and saw the big patch of grass burrs. Of course there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, because, well I was already falling and still had both hands on the handlebars so I could keep the engine running. Clutch in and a little throttle and just hang on and watch the grass burrs coming, and then whump I’m laying in the stickers, with the engine still running. Blake pulled up and helped me get the bike back up and into neutral so I could start picking off the burrs. I looked around and the only patch of grass burrs were the ones I had to fall into. We headed back to the trailer for a break after that one.

When we ventured out again we stayed to the eastern sandy part of the place and found a deep long wash that was a good 10 to 12 feet below the surrounds ground. Maybe four feet wide at the bottom with black dirt walls but the bottom of t he wash was pure damp sandy loam just perfect for riding. I’ll bet we went over a half a mile down in that wash until it finally played out, so we turned around and rode right back up it the other direction. It was really fun riding down in there with all the roots hanging out the side walls of the wash and all the different colors of dirt and pretty green moss growing on the shady side. Mother Nature at her best and just the two of us lost to all the world down in there.

I think we must be nuts. Check out the pictures and you might agree.

But hey, its not just racing each other thru the woods, its BSRacing in the woods.

And God Bless the cat who invented Advil!


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