Dad’s New Ride

Dads Triumph

My Dad finally bought the motorcycle he has been wanting all along. After trying several other motorcycles recently, he has gone back to his roots.

Dad bought his first big motorcycle in 1949. He and his Dad bought the first bike from a new dealer in Corpus Christi. It must have been a big event. He traded in a Harley Davidson 125 he had been riding to get a brand new Triumph Speed Twin 500. It had to have been a way cool ride then, and now.

Sixty years later Dad bought another Triumph, this time a 2001 Triumph Bonneville in British racing green. Check out the picture attached. Sorry Dad could not be in the photo, but his grin covered up the bike,,,

Mom said he had gone for a ride around the neighborhood and she heard him ride in the driveway, but he never came in the house. Se got up to go find him and saw him sitting in the driveway with the new ride, just smiling. The moral of the story? Never grow up, right?

Love Ya Dad! Can’t wait to ride with you in East Texas on Labor Day weekend.

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