BSRacing October 09

And y’all all thought I had missed the October BSRacing calendar didn’t you?

Or maybe you were relieved I missed the October BSRacing calendar?

Hoping even that I missed the October BSRacing calendar?

I noticed not one person asked about the missing October BSRacing calendar!


Well y’all just aren’t all that lucky because here it is, like it or not, and it is a dandy.

Texas World Speedway and the SCCA Houston Region Texas Shoot Out 6 Hour Race of Endurance. For SCCA racers this is the event you looked forward to all year. Six hours of non-stop racing on the weekend before Thanksgiving. And this would turn out to be the last Enduro for BSRacing. The Tech Wiz must have taken this picture from the sponsors’ suite high atop pit lane.

The picture is of a pit stop and driver change. It looks like Blake is coming out of the car and The Race Babe, and my lovely wife Cyndy, herself is going in. We had real treat this year with Kelley joining us in the hot pits. She had been at the races for years and was just too young to go into the hot pits. Kelley grew up at the races; just like another totally cool and forgiving, kind and gentle sweet little Race Brat we all know love respect and admire. It was time she made it to the hot pits.

Wayne Hill is on the left helping us out on fire watch while Blakes brother Brendon fueled the car. In SCCA racing the driver must be out of the car during fueling. The SCCA  is all about safety so to make it all safer when any car came in for a pit stop they had to stay for 3 minutes and the driver had to be out before opening the fuel filler cap. Blake is getting Cindy’s helmet secured and the radio connected.  Kelley had a long check list of things to watch and make sure we got them all done. As Crew Chief it was my job to talk the press and do reporter interviews and look important by talking into my official Crew Chief head set when I wasn’t sporting a MX helmet at a road race!

As demanding and intense as a 6 hour race is, we sure loved this event and the people who put it on. As always we have to say Thanks Workers for all they do to make these races possible. As I recall Blake was in his little High Speed High Performance Road Racing Girlfriend when the Checkered Flags flew and we finished the race in the top half of the standings. Just finishing an event like this was cause for great pride and celebration

Thanks to the original one and only BS in BSRacing Blake Smith himself for taking us along on your ride. We loved it.

Jim Bell
Crew Chief
SRF 54
Texas Region SCCA

Ahhhhh I like it like that!

Bell Family Unit
Adventures In Speed
Cyndy, Kelley & Jim
Lake Dallas, Texas USA

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