Life Affirming Moment

  I was in Boring, Oregon Thursday night, just finished dinner and didn’t want to go sit in the boring (get it – the town really is named Boring) hotel room, so I went for a ride around the little county airport next door. It is an industrial area, but I like that stuff. Big high voltage power line switching yard; an asphalt plant; a FedEx hub, plus the airport it was better than sitting in the room. Nice evening to, clear blue sky and 80 instead of 100 in Dallas. So I get to the end of the road and turn around and there is – Mt. Hood right in front of me, right at sunset.

I backed up onto a levee of the Knife River and turned off the car. Mt. Hood was perfectly framed between two high tension power line towers. Not exactly the chamber of commerce post card picture, but I liked it. I was expecting to see something like in Lake Dallas where you actually see the sunset shadow move up the trees and I would see a shadow line climb the mountain. Not Mt. Hood, it just started changing colors. The top third or more is still snow covered and pink. Everything just started turning pink and then purple after 15 minutes or so, and then I noticed the pink hadn’t gone away, it had lifted into the haze and the purple was following it up into the haze and grey was taking over. It was just beautiful. Never seen anything like it.

I didn’t have a camera with me; it wouldn’t have done it justice anyway. I had to be there and am so glad I was, because it really was one of those life affirming moments that make it so fine.

Found out the next day Mt. Hood is 13,000’ and 30 miles distant. None of them really look at it anyway…

I did have my camera with me at dinner Friday night when I went to Saltys on the Columbia for a river side seafood meal. I had fresh grilled Halibut for the first time. Very nice. The boat ramp was next to the restaurant.

Wishing you and yours many life affirming moments of your own.


The Columbia River in Portland, Oregon looking west to the Pacific.

The wheat harvest is on and the barge going up river to the East.

Mt. Hood at 30 miles or more.

This is the best my little camera will zoom. The locals say if you can see Mt. Hood, its going to rain.

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