Sunset Surprise

We’re going to start this one with the “Quote of the Meet” and see how we ended up getting there. Brendon Smith won the award this time out with “Why would anyone go down there?”

Welcome to BSRacing. We hear that a lot. Last time we went to Cyndys’ place in Sunset it was wet. The creek had overflowed its banks and the road was barely passable. We thought we were really good just to get back in there. Looking back on it now, the quote would have worked then as well.

I had been trying to ride an old dry wash that runs through the place for a long time. I had gotten down in there once before, but I was alone and it was scary so I didn’t venture very far. This time I had a riding buddy and he suggested we head for the creek. Let me say that again, Blake was the one who said let’s go to the creek. I was the one going @#$% yeah!

This creek bed is a good 8 feet below grade and lined with trees. The bottom of it is perfectly flat sandy loam and 12 or 15 feet wide. It really is beautiful. We found a place where a tree had fallen over collapsing the wall and managed to ride down into the bottom land. If you gasses it in second gear the bike was going maybe 10 MPH but the back tire was doing like 25 MPH. I really wanted to turn around to look and see how far I was shooting a rooster tail but I was too scared to glance back. I was doing pretty well and having a blast looking forward to each bend in the creek, and had no idea how far we could go. I figure I had gone a quarter mile of so when I pulled up under a shade tree to talk to Blake.

I waited a couple of minutes and could not hear his bike so I turned around to ride back to him. I finally rounded a bend and there was his Honda lying on its side in the middle of the creek bed, alone. Blake was leaning against a tree in the shade. “You OK?” I hollered. “Yeah, the chain came off”. He hadn’t crashed, just thrown the chain. In the bottom of the creek bed, in the middle of no where. The chain had wrapped around the sprocket and wedged against the swing arm, and we couldn’t get it out with the tools we had. I left him there to ride back to the truck for more tools.

Of course everyone wanted to follow me back to see where we were. I managed to ride back in carrying a tool bag strapped to the front number plate. Everyone else walked in. I even thought to bring a couple of bottles of Gatorade and water. We dragged the bike under a shade tree (shade tree mechanics?) and pulled the swing arm off, got the chain back on and rode out.

That’s when I heard Brendon say “Why would anyone go down there?”

I guess if you have to ask…

We took a break from riding and did a little target practice under a big oak tree. Got some good pictures.

Cyndy Amy and Kelly

Kelley' friend John hadn't ridden in years, but did great!

Amy is a speed demon. She rode everything.

Sorry Blake, you posed for it, did you think I wouldn't use it? HA-HA

Brendon Smith and his son Jordan

John liked it too

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