Girls Just Want To Have Fun

My wonderful daughter # 1 Sabrina was helping me load Cyndy’ new buggy on the trailer yesterday afternoon. All I had to do was point at the drivers seat and she said “you don’t have to ask me twice” and jumped in. It would seem it’s a tradition of my daughters to drive up the ramps requires making a couple of laps around the block, right?

Where is the trailer Dad? (See the seatbelt?)


Of course, timing is everything. Blake ran in the house to grab his camera, “just in case we have a moment.”

A Moment?


The Look Says It All...


He issued a stong warning and then told her “nice suspension on that thing.”

Fun Over


After all that fun I had a nice ride home on the Harley. Still warm outside but I rode by the lake and ate a few bugs anyway. Soon after I put the bike up Brother John pulled up in a brand new Camaro SS convertable in OMG yellow. What a great brother. He threw me the keys and jumped in shotgun. Now remember, I had just watched my #1 daughter get pulled over and brother John is going “Nail It” so I did.

This is one nice Detroit Import. I managed a pretty nice smoky donut in the cul-de-sac. Then daughter #2 comes out and started making all those girl noises that girls make for really cool cars… John let Kelley and Andre make a few laps. That’s about when Cyndy pulls up and starts making those same girl noises and off she goes in it. Very cool Brother John, we apperciate the ride.

Y’all enjoy your summer. We are!


Bell Family Unit

Cyndy Kelley and Jim

Lake Dallas, Texas USA

Adventures In Speed

 Okay, if you made it all t he way down here, did you notice I made no law enforcement comments?

I thought up 4,364,235 of them. Didn’t use one. Is that growth or really really sad? I dunno…

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