Red River Fall

BSRacing headed for the woods for the first weekend of Fall. It was very nice with a cool breeze from the North.

This time we  made it to an area called Bills Woods. No so much sand and lots of trails running through the trees. We were riding beside a dry canyon and it was really pretty. Next thing I know I am stuffing it into the wall on the right side of the trail. There was absolutly nothing I could do about it so I just leaned into the wall. It was nice soft sandy loam and I never even fell over, just leaned over a bit and stopped. There must be a moral here…

Ride under the bridge to enter Bills Woods


The drought severly affected Texas Cattle.


Texas cattle seriously stressed by drought. Price of beef to go up!


The Red River still had a little water in it so we headed North.

Blake riding The Red River


Not much water here.


The Smith Brothers Brendon on left, Blake on right. Both in The Red.

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