Target Rich

We have positive confirmation that watching YouTube videos can be a tad bit dangerous. It gives basically good folks great ideas. The good folks share their ideas with folks of questionable character and word of the idea hits the streets. Friends in low places stuff. 

The BS of world renowned BSRacing fame watched the YouTube. He called me. I talked to John von (yes really talked to – not texted so as to leave an evidence trail) and so it goes. What was the video? Tannerite exploding rifle targets. The hunters use it for sighting in long distance deer rifles. A little half pound jar of the stuff makes a big white puff and a very nice report when you hit it. With no flames you can use it with the burn barn we have in effect here inNorth Texas. The white cloud is actually water vapor from the Tannerite releasing Nitrogen and forming a neat little cloud. It takes a pointed rifle bullet to explode it. And a good shot. Blake told me we may need one of the girls to hit the target. 

BSRacing ordered a starter pack with six half pound jars. It came UPS ground. The Bell Family Unit picked up some ammo for our Remington 300 Savage rifle and we headed for Cyndy’ Straus Family Sunset Ranch. It’s weird how a questionable idea draws in questionable people. Fourteen of us showed up for a beautiful fall day in the country.TexasStyle. 

So how weird could it be? For starters we hade four pair in the fourteen. A pair of Blakes; a pair of Kelleys; a pair of Johns; and a pair of Alexises. Our would that be Alexi? Cyndy really thought that was a neat deal and we did have some fun with it. I could holler Kelley and get both of them every time. Daughter Kelley could holler Blake and get the BS of BSRacing and her boy toy Blake as well. So, we are easily amused… 

After some target practice we determined that the Kelley that is not daughter Kelley proved to clearly be the better shot with her new .243 rifle. She’s the sniper in the Tannerite shots. It’s just a little plastic jar about 3” in diameter and she nailed five for five in a row. Didn’t miss a single shot at fifty yards. Way to go Kelley. That’s what we call Gun Control! 

Blake put the video together. Turn it up and have fun. Click the link below:

The rest are just a bunch of pictures from the weekend.

Blake mixes the Tannerite.


Kelley and her .243 She was very impressive shot.


Target Practice


Tory stalking his prey.


Four Pair - Alexis & Alexis; Kelley & Kelley; John & John and Blake & Blake kneeling.


"So we shoot this and it blows up, right?"


A couple of Hot Dogs - Kelley & Alexis


Cyndy looks happy.


We needed a victim to sit on the target toilet. Thanks Alexis!



We couldn't blow up Alexis so Blake brought a Zombie with the Tannerite inside the mouth.

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