Thanksgiving Update

The Bell Family Unit had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Hope y’all did as well.

The Bell Family Unit has a lot to give thanks for. We’re Native Texans. We have our family. We have our friends. We know how to laugh. And then there is that Adventures In Speed thang! Welcome to anotherBSRacingAdventures In Speed Thanksgiving Holiday Update.


Yes, I have heard the wonderful requests to be put back on the mailing list, but I gotta tell y’all I just haven’t been writing anything. I believe I suffer from S.A.D. Seasonally Afflicted Disorder, that’s what I got and I know its right because my wife, The Lovely and Talented Race Babe her own fine self, saw it on Oprah. S.A.D. is when the seasons change and the days get shorter you kind of withdraw a bit. Then the time changes and we fall back and it gets dark earlier and by 9:00 PM I’m like zonked. Since I usually make all this stuff up late at night all alone just laughing to myself, that’s difficult when I’m all stretched out with my pillow and blankee. 

The good part is we have been having a wonderful fall here inNorth Texas. Man that was one heck of a summer. The weather dorks kept comparing it to the summer of ’80 and I going like no way because I was doing air conditioning work during the summer of ’80, working up on commercial buildings rooftops soldering in new compressors with a blow torch. You had to be careful coming down the ladder because all the tar and rocks from the roof were stuck to your boots. I remember I made a bunch of money but was to worn out to go blow it all. 

This summer just didn’t seem to hurt as much as ’80. Well we made it because we are Texans and that’s what we do, and we have fun doing it. I think you know we went on my first cruise ship this August. Had a great time. My wonderful Aunt Sally (Dads sister) loaned me a book to read, said it had some family history in it. I tried to read it on the ship but there was just to much to do to sit around and read, so it took me until a couple of weeks ago to finish it. When I called to tell her I finished and was mailing it back to her she goes “Well wouldn’t it be better to bring it back. I was just over eating freshTexas gulf shrimp at Charlotte Plummers onFulton Harbor.” Man if that’s not a road trip invite I don’t know what is. 

Cyndy and I loaded up her new Sorento and headed for Corpus Christi about 3 Fridays ago. We stayed with Aunt Sally Summers in Rockport and had a great visit. The island is so nice in the fall. It’s a whole different class of tourists with the snow birds coming in. You see all kinds of northern license plates. I will tell you though that it was dry all the way down there. The creeks are all dry and the lakes are low, but the shrimp was really good. They oyster harvest this year was great and prices were up. The Gulf of Mexico is an amazing place. All that BP oil and it seems to have recovered completely. I love it so. I still call it home. Thanks for a great visit Aunt Sally. We all love you so much.

Fresh Texas Oysters


















Cyndy took this photo.
















Cyndy and Aunt Sally Summers in Rockport


















The next weekend was a BSRacing Rides day at the Red River Motorcycle Trails. Blake and his little bro Brendon and I hit the trails together. The last time Blake and I had been up there we rode and area called Bills Woods. It is single track motorcycle only trails. They don’t let the four wheelers in there just to keep it single track. Kind of a special place, you two wheelers know what I mean. Hey, I’m all for four wheelers, don’t get me wrong. Red Necks on four wheelers can be very entertaining, and it gives those that can’t balance a way to play too. 

We have found that riding these old enduro racing trails can be tough. It was raced on the week before and those guys are nuts. They mark the trail with little signs, about 4” X 8”, to point you in the direction of the race. Sometimes there can be a fork in the trail so they put up a wrong way sign on the wrong fork. We discovered the arrows usually point to the hard way and the wrong way if often the easy way, the way for us. TheBSRacingway. But not that day.

This Way

The wrong way led us to a deep dry creek bed. I tried it, and made it down into the bottom, but could not get up the other side because the ruts were cut so deep by the big 450 CC bikes that my smaller 230 CC bikes foot pegs dragged on the rut walls. I had to walk the bike back up steep bank. Blake was smart enough to wait up on top. Nice.





Wrong Way







This trip with Brendon, who had never ridden Bills Woods, we were going to ride the loop clockwise and try to make it to the spot we had been turned around last time, but from the other direction. It was just beautiful in theRed RiverValley. I really didn’t think we would have much of fall foliage color change after the hot dry summer but I was wrong. The reds and golds and yellows were vivid. And with the little rain we have gotten, the greens were coming back a swell. The bike felt good and I felt fast as we headed out into the trees following the trail. This is the part of trail riding I enjoy most. Just riding a good pace enjoying the scenery and riding with your buddies. On one stop I noticed a clearing so we left the trail to see what was up there. 

Turns out it was a bald hilltop overlooking theRed RiverValley. Blake put this panoramic photo together. It really doesn’t do the colors justice, but it’s a nice shot. That’s me up on top of the hill to the right. 

Brendon Made It













Back on the trail I noticed a couple of piles of poop I had never seen before, and I thought I knew poop. On the next stop I asked if anyone else saw that poop. Brendon said he did, and just as quick said it was bear poop. Right, bear poop. I gassed it and started making bear growling sounds in my helmet. Bear poop… We finally popped out into a clearing and nearly ran into a herd of Lama. Lama Poop! No wonder I didn’t recognize it. I had never run into Lama on aTexas trail before. Guess we should have taken a picture of the Lama, or the poop, your choice. 

Back on the trail it was getting tough. We were following the arrows the right way. Then I saw a sign I had never seen before. It was a yellow danger sign. Then there was an orange danger sign. Then there were two orange danger signs. I stopped. I go off the bike and started walking the trail. This was the other side of the creek bed I had been stuck in. I though “There should have been skull and cross bones signs” this is wicked. I turned around to holler back to Blake and Brendon when I saw it. The back side of the orange danger sign was the wrong way sign, and we had tried to follow the wrong way signs…


















Orange Danger


















Lessons learned on the trail. Lama poop is black and the guy that drew up the signs is seriously twisted. We had a great laugh and turned around to ride the trail back out of Bills woods. Brendon said we covered 22 or 24 miles and had a great time. As I’m riding back I was thinking this was a top 5 ride today. What a great day inNorth Texas. Thanks guys. 

We all gathered at The Folks place in Dallas for our family Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday evening. With a little help from Catherine and Sam and Alexis spending the day with The Mom they put out a perfect spread. Turkey and dressing and Moms world famous red white and blue Jell-O salad, more food than could possibly be eaten. David Russell even joined us. It was great having him there. Our brother from another Mother. The whole family was there except for Eddie and Roger. Eddie had to stay in San Marcus where he is going to college so he could work at Best Buy early on Black Friday. Missed you Eddie, come home when you can to see us. Where was Roger anyway? 

Friday we loaded up again and headed to The Folks lake house on Lake Lydia in East Texas. BSRacing was going to ride a new place for us on Saturday called Barnwell Mountain just north of Gilmer. Brother John drove out Friday night and Blake was coming Saturday morning. Its 1800 acres for everything from motorcycles to rock crawling Jeeps and monster trucks. 

06:15 Hours Saturday morning it started raining in the piney woods. I’m to excited to sleep. It rained all morning.  No problemo, Mom was cooking again anyway. Blake pulled in by 10:30 and we headed farther east about 45 minutes arriving before Noon. It was still grey and cool as we unloaded. This was the first time Cyndy had brought her new buggy out to ride like this and she was a bit apprehensive about the motorcycles running off and leaving her. We all agreed to stick together. Brother John had ridden Barnwell Mountain once last year so he led out. Cyndy behind John with me behind her and Blake riding drag. We stuck to the main roads for a while. It was all bright red dirt and pretty slick from the rain. I guess a lot of iron in the dirt. That’s when John ran into this and the Adventures In Speed were on. They went that away! 

Which Way Did They Go?


Cyndy was like a speed demon in her buggy. It’s like a small dune buggy with a big 400 CC Yamaha engine in it. 4-wheel suspension and 4-wheel disk brakes this thing really moves. Some of y’all will remember the road racing days where she earned her nickname “The Race Babe”, well she was all over it again. Slinging mud rocks and midgets every which way. Motorcycles running off and leaving her? I don’t think so Jim. It was a hoot watching her move. Only once or twice did we have to turn around because the trail got to narrow for the buggy to fit. Other times she was blasting up the rocky hills while I had to slowly pick my way up through the rocks. Some of the low spots were still full of water, so we tried to dodge them. 

All of a sudden Cyndy honks her horn and stops. I pulled up next to her and when she turned her helmet to face me I saw her goggles were completely covered with red muddy water. It was like 20 weight stuff totally covering her goggles. I started laughing so hard I nearly fell off the bike. “I can’t see” she was saying. No kidding Race Babe, take off the goggles. That’s when Cyndy earned the quote of the meet with “I’ve got mud on my mud!” We had a little pit stop here to clean her up a bit. By this time Brother John rode back up, he had made it to the top of the next hill and stopped. We weren’t behind him but he said “I heard all the guffawing down there and new something was up”. Hey grid, it’s a different kind of laundry out on here. You know what I mean Vicki… The Race Babe is a Dirty Girl, BSRacing style. She even said some girls might not enjoy this kind of stuff.

I'm cleaning her goggles. Look like fun?













My wife's a Dirty Girl!













Loaded Up













Barnwell  Mountainwas a new place for us and BSRacing will return, hopefully when it’s a little drier. It took $15 dollars in quarters at the car wash to clean it all up. The wife in the woods having fun, priceless. We went back toLakeLydiaand hit the showers in time for Moms  homemade chili and Lunas hot tamales. Comfort food after a cool wet day playing on the mountain. 

Sunday mornings at the lake house are just about perfect. Of course Sunday was bright and clear. Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor. Mom was cooking again, something new this time. Stuffed French toast with “sauce to die for”. It was like eating dessert for breakfast. French, yuck. Mom said next time it would be migas for breakfast. Y’all come!

Love Ya’ Mom



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